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By Isabel on Dec 23, 2010 11 Comments

Does your business’s Facebook fan page have an easy way for visitors to get in touch with you, and for you to get new leads?

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If not—and if you’re serious about growing your business—you should add a contact form, pronto. The ContactMe App for Facebook is the easiest way to add a “Contact” tab right on your Facebook fan page. The Facebook Contact tab has a contact form embedded on its page so fans and potential customers can easily pass you their contact information and a message:

Facebook contact tab

Manage and Customize the Facebook Contact App

You can keep track of how many people have contacted you through your Facebook Contact app. As the administrator of the Facebook account, you can toggle between the contact form tab and the “Manage & Customize” tab that displays form statistics, such as how many forms have been submitted to date. The tab also gives you a way to jump to your account to quickly customize the form:

Facebook Contact Tab Management

The ContactMe form is very customizable. You can add your business name, phone number, email address, and street address. You can also add your social media profiles in widget form, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and, of course, Facebook. If your customers speak another language, you can change the field titles to Spanish, French, German, or Portuguese. If you are a Constant Contact® user, you can sync accounts and then include a mailing list opt-in checkbox right on your contact form. Here’s a peek into how easy it is to customize your form:

Contact Form Customization

ContactMe Pro customers can customize their Facebook contact form even more to:

  • Send an automated email response
  • Prevent spam with captcha
  • Receive text message notifications
  • Remove ContactMe branding

Lead Generation and Contact Management

When page visitors submit the form to you, their contact information is automatically added to a contact list in your free account. This automated process saves you time and helps your business with contact management. You’ll also receive the form submission in an email.

You can add the ContactMe contact form and tab to your Facebook page in three easy steps. Get started here.

  • Dave

    I will do this…as soon as I make a Facebook fan page for my business….

  • Cabo Golf Resorts

    This is a GREAT app! Thanks man :)

  • Anonymous


  • Isabel

    You’re most welcome!

  • Z33shan_ali28

    how can i make a face book order form>?

  • Tico Scatena

    i cant install the app! when i try to put my email, it wont go!

  • Robert Moloney

    trying to install. Welcome admin, enter email address, I do and nothing happens, click finger shows, button depresses, nothing happens, driving me mad, please advise.

  • A Nicke

    how do I uninstall this crap? It’s not even on facebook application list and yet the button is still on my facebook page

  • Robert Moloney

    When you pass over the button a pen should appear in the top right hand corner.  If not, then on the right there wil be a drop down button with a number beside it, click on this and then hover over the button you want to remove.

  • Robert Moloney

    used safari, a different browser and it worked fine

  • Rosemary Stonehouse

    If you use IE browser you can update the contact form and this app works great! :)