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The Most Simple CRM for Small Businesses

  • Easily manage all of your business contacts
  • Track your tasks with a to-do list and calendar
  • Save time and impress your customers

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What can ContactMe do for me?

Easy Contact Management

Consolidate all your contacts, leads, and customers into one place, and then sort them by group and sales stage.

Organize Info By Contact

Organize notes, emails, files, and more by contact to keep information at your fingertips and track customer interactions.

Track Your Tasks

Add tasks and meetings to your to-do list and they’ll automatically be added to the built-in calendar. Get reminders by text and email.

Capture More Leads

Create a free ContactMe button and web form, and then add the button everywhere you are on the web—Facebook, Craigslist, and more.

Access From Anywhere

The web-based system lets you access what you need, whenever you need it, even from your smartphone. Get notified of new leads on the go.

Sync With Popular Services

Integrate your contact list with Constant Contact® or MailChimp® to send professional marketing emails. Sync with your Google Calendar.

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